Mr. Wednesday, sketched and memorized.

One day, I’ll make it a full painting.
For now, it’s merely a sketch to memorize.

Too much change in my life. Too stressful days. Panic, fear, uncertainty: all these are my regular guests. I reach out to something I can hold on to. I MAKE SKETCHES.



If you’ve read the “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman, you can get the “Wednesday” reference. I used to have a client – an astonishingly stylish man in his fifties – whom I do respect a lot. He is one of the most tactful and picturesque men I’ve met in my whole life. I’m quitting that job now, and most likely I won’t see him any more; tomorrow I shall tell him that (if I have enough balls for telling such thing out loud instead of just staring in awe). But now I’m sketching his features into a doodle of Odin, because he totally fits the description: a tall, grey-haired man with stunning eyes, who can easily turn out to be some outcast god. I want to remember him.
I want to remember him LIKE THIS.

You know, I’ve already painted him a couple of months ago.
There can’t be enough of this.

Basic Structure by Erebus Odora


~ by Erebus Odora on July 12, 2012.

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