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Whoa… It’s been a while.
Yet I finally have found the time and the way to get my scribbles in printed form; HUGE thanks to Kate Mraz and Mary Snork, who helped me with deciphering my handwritten stuff, making the transcript and even proofreading the following segment of the story… I bet I managed to make mistakes, anyway, so I will be grateful if you point them out…


Segment 1 ° 2 ° 3 ° 4 ° 5 ° 6 ° 7
This is the 8th part. Hope you enjoy ;3

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You know what?.. I’ll just leave it here.

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Because I’m rubbish at making actual tutorials, yep.
And I somehow need to get you ready for more updates, so… here come some videos with painting process, because:
a) ppl asked to share some Coulson digital stuff;
b) ppl asked to share the way I use Copics.

I’ve made both videos quite a while ago, but never had a chance to share them here – up to today.

So… hope you find these useful :3

BE AFRAID. The film that hasn’t happened yet.

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Right before changing my life a lot – and before actually starting working on Dracula Happens project (which keeps happening way too slow for my liking) – I had written this. I finished it on some summer afternoon (edit: checked, the file creation date is the 5th of July), and I honestly hoped for at least trying some photography for this…

Well, the odds were against me.

So, I’ve found this text today on one of my memory sticks, and I think it’s been forgotten for an enough time.
This is hardly a regular screenplay, because normal screenplays usually don’t mess with all the details like camera position – they just tell the things the way they happen on screen. But I felt like this attitude was appropriate. So – here’s one of my recent street shots, just to get you in the mood, and the short story for a movie you could make up in your head.


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In short: Dylan Moran happened in Moscow today.

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CONFESSION TIME: I’ve never, ever, seen Dylan Moran performing before today. Luckily, my first experience was the live show — which happens to be his first show in Moscow.)) And, as far as we’ve been advised to switch off any devices, NOTHING COULD STOP ME FROM WRITING THINGS DOWN. And, as far as my friends asked me to put some of the stuff I scribbled in my notebook online – here are some of my favourite-up-to-writing-them-down-level quotes.)))


[On Russian stereotypes in movies, with some heavy accent, in a confident tone] Since I come to your country, I make bomb.

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I do apologize for too slow updates. I’ve been busy with re-designing stuff for tees – and with doing some research for the script. Now I can assure you that I’ve got all historical part fixed here)))


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On wonders, Marvel, and agent Coulson, or, That’s the main reason I’m too busy with stuff to update the Dracula thing.

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I wonder how many of you have already seen the WeLoveFine shirts with my designs.
If you haven’t seen those ones yet: they exist.
They exist since this very night.

Honestly? I think I’ll start believing in this in a few months. I am enormously grateful to the guys from WeLoveFine who helped and guided me all through the process, to the people of Marvel who actually granted the permission to print these, to my friends who were brave enough to handle me in OMG WHAT IS HAPPENING mode. The mere idea of something I do for fun turning into an officially approved product is still a bit wild for me, so I’m experiencing quite a lot of emotions right now (and opening the second bottle of chianti)).

Nota bene: there’s still something exclusive about that couple of shirts I made for the contest winners. That configuration will never be replicated, and, mind, it’s a bit different. In fact, the WeLoveFine design is the 3rd ‘generation’ of Coulson tees xD

P.S.: Oh, yeah. ‘Special thanks’ section.
Rewind my life to the point a year ago. If some guy called Clark didn’t appear amidst my depression one of those September days, all this would hardly have had a chance to get real. So drink a cup of something tasty to his health and well-being, for all this started then and there, a year ago, with some fan art sketch that guy liked enough to retweet. You’d be amazed to know what amount of inspiration and energy one retweet can cause.))

Seriously, guys; I can only hope one will have as much fun wearing these as I did when creating them ;3

On life, Universe, post office, mulled wine, and shiny cotton wool.

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Hey there, dear blog.

First of all: I need to mention my excuses for not updating “Dracula Happens” for quite a while. The excuses are very serious – I’ve been busy with:

  • #CoulsonLives theory contest on tumblr (see the results here);
  • my very own birthday;
  • LOTS OF WORK in my new office;
  • doing a huge historical research for the “Dracula Happens” script.

Anyway, as far as I’ve got few spare minutes…
Time for some stories and explanations.))

I’ve been to the post office today, dealing with the prizes for the contest mentioned above. I do hope the tees will make their owners a bit happier: note that it normally takes two weeks for the ‘par avion’ delivery to get overseas, so I’ll send the tracking numbers for the packages to the winners.

After that, my gorgeous friend and workmate Belka persuaded me to stop at a local Red Espresso Bar and look for something hot to consume. The truth is, drinking alcohol in the streets is kind of banned in Moscow. But – God bless the barista – we somehow managed to get some takeaway mulled wine. I don’t know what was in it besides the wine and custom ingredients, but our way to the nearest railway station was long, amazingly funny, and filled with ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD. Seriously, vodka hardly has such an effect on me. Rum can’t knock me out. And the suddenly a paper cup of mulled wine makes me warm, giggly, and hilariously in love with everything. I should totally get the recipe…

Ah, and yes – as far as I’m still slightly drunk and pretty much illogical – about the shiny cotton wool, mentioned in the headline…

My dearest friends from The Odd Order of L.C. & U., Chiffa and Maddy, agreed to take part in a strange photoshoot. With Chiffa’s advice, I managed the peculiar make-up for the ladies, we filled a glass jar and a small lantern with cotton wool, placed small LED lamps there, and…
I called the session “The Lightbringers”.
Maddy keeps sticking to the name “The Ones Who Gather Shiny Cotton Wool In A Deep Forest”…)))

Hope you like the result of our experiment, anyway; we had tremendous fun, performing this.))

More news to follow, more stories to tell…
Wish me luck, you beautiful people. I truly need it…))


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